What Type of Agreements Should Solar Contractors Use for Service and Repair Work for Homeowners in California? Posted on Nov 07, 2023

In California, specific regulations apply to service and repair contracts on solar and energy storage systems for homeowners. A condensed format is permissible for contracts $750 or less, provided the contract adheres to a specific structure, include mandated notices, and has certain limitations. However, any service or repair work exceeding $750 necessitates a more comprehensive contract, called a home improvement contract (“HIC”). This longer HIC version imposes similar requirements to solar and/or storage installation agreements for homeowners.

Consequently, in California, any service or repair work on solar and energy storage systems for homeowners that exceeds $750 demands the comprehensive HIC. Such comprehensive HIC for service and repair work must have a fixed contract price, limitations on deposits, a structured payment schedule, requisite notices, and other requirements similar to HICs for solar and/or storage installation agreements.

Both the condensed and comprehensive versions of these contracts are available on our site: