Get Involved to Help Grow Solar in the U.S. Posted on Apr 13, 2023

Looking for ideas on how to help grow your business and the solar industry even faster? Check out the action items, education and award opportunities below. Join a solar trade association like the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), American Solar Energy Society (ASES), Solar Rights Alliance (SRA) and California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA) to get involved.


  1. Sign the Letter: No Retroactive Solar Tariffs
  • The new House Republican Majority is trying to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to undo President Biden’s two-year moratorium on tariffs for imported solar panels and cells from southeast Asian countries.
  • If this CRA were to pass, and the two-year moratorium were removed, solar companies could be subject to a total of over $1 billion in retroactive duties, severely damaging the U.S. solar industry. This reversal could also result in the cancellation of 4 GW of planned solar projects, representing roughly 14% of the industry’s anticipated deployment this year alone.
  • Since the two-year moratorium was put in place, solar companies have been following the guidelines released by the Department of Commerce. Penalizing companies for following these instructions undermines the stable and predictable business environment needed for our industry to continue to grow.
  1. Submit your business data to improve and expand SEIA’s new Solar & Storage Supply Chain Dashboard and Map. 


  1. Ask your city to comply with the new law to streamline the process for installing solar and batteries
  • It is twice as expensive to go solar in California than in many other developed places because of permitting and interconnection delays. A new state law requires local governments to streamline the process for issuing a permit to install solar and/or batteries. A grant is available to help cities and counties comply with the law. The deadline is May 1st, and the maximum amount is $100,000. Sign the petition asking your city and county officials to apply for the grant and follow the new law ASAP.
  1. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper supporting the reversal of the CPUC’s rooftop solar decision.
  • Tips:
    • Write your letter to your local newspaper. You don’t have to be a subscriber. 
    • Submission instructions vary by newspaper. Here is a list of most of the state’s major newspapers. Follow their instructions carefully to ensure your letter is considered.
    • Your letter should be 150 words.
    • Open your letter with a reference to the appeal. Here’s an example: “Several nonprofit organizations are appealing the CPUC’s decision to make rooftop solar unaffordable for everyday people.”
    • Then include a sentence describing one argument in the appeal. Refer to this summary for ideas. For example: “The appeal shows how the CPUC violated the law requiring rooftop solar to grow, not shrink.”
    • Finally, add a sentence or two in your own words as to why you support the appeal. 
    • Make it personal. Use plain language, from the heart. 
  1. Tuesday June 6th, State Capital, Sacramento (in-person): Solar Lobby Day
  • The utilities have dozens of lobbyists working every day at the State Capitol in Sacramento to spread misinformation about solar energy to your lawmakers. Sign up to come to Sacramento and meet face-to-face with your representatives.

Education Opportunities

SEIA’s Solar 101 Education ProgramSEIA’s Solar 101 Program is an all-inclusive platform for solar energy professionals to access expert knowledge on specific industry topics and trends as listed below. The program includes a diverse set of over 30 short modules that will provide value to both new entrants to the industry and established professionals who are looking for a refresher on certain solar subjects. 

Award Opportunities

Submit Nominations for the ASES Annual Awards. FINAL DEADLINE - April 20, 2023. Award Recipients to be Recognized at the SOLAR 2023 Awards Banquet on August 9, 2023 at 6 PM MDT at the University of Colorado Boulder.