Time to Spruce Up Your Contracts Posted on Nov 22, 2021

Now is the Time to Update Your California Residential Installation Agreements
We recently updated our California Residential Solar Installation Agreements to include terms required by the most recent California rules and regulations. A Spanish version of this Agreement is required by state law when selling to Spanish speaking customers. This year, we also made a Spanish version of this Agreement available for purchase on our site. 
The California Contractor State License Board (“CSLB”) reviews a sampling of random residential solar contracts every year and also does targeted reviews. Contractors and salespersons should make sure they are complying with all new legal requirements.

New California Residential Salesperson Rules Start January 1st
California contractors and salespersons who sell to residential customers should be aware of a new law passed this year, SB 757 (Limon), which added regulations to the laws pertaining to home improvement salespersons. Beginning January 1, 2022, it will be a misdemeanor for any home improvement salesperson to assist, recommend, select or otherwise guide an owner or tenant in the selection of a contractor for the performance or sale of residential solar goods or services without being registered with the CSLB, notifying prospective customers of the name and license number of the contractors they represent, and including the same products and services represented in the contract. All contracts must include what is presented to customers by salespersons. The law also extended the prohibition on a contractor requesting or accepting payment that exceeds the value of work performed or material delivered, except for the down payment, to include the advance payment in whole or part from any lender or financier for the performance or sale of residential solar goods or services.