The First Online Legal Platform for Renewable Energy Companies: Posted on Dec 01, 2015

Companies save thousands of dollars on legal fees when they locate forms on point for their business needs. Even when attorneys start with a well-written legal agreement, it saves their clients substantial money in avoided legal fees as creating a finished document is streamlined.

CleanTech Docs is the first of its kind.  We have created an online legal platform to help our clients save money while they save the planet.  We are dedicated to helping renewable energy companies save money on legal fees. Not only do we provide legal documents created specifically for renewable energy companies, but also we provide a network of independent attorneys who are experts in renewable energy. Our customers can choose their own documents or receive assistance from an attorney within our network. These attorneys help with selecting the right document and making modifications for an enforceable and robust legal document. Our online platform offers instant access to our renewable energy legal forms. 

Accomplished renewable energy attorneys created all of the documents available on our online platform because we know that the key to affordable legal documents that don't sacrifice quality is getting the document from an expert.  It is our honor to assist with your company's success.