Solar is Under Attack in California - We Need Your Help! Posted on Apr 05, 2021

Stand Up Against Utility Attacks on Your Business

Solar is under attack as the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) considers radical anti-solar changes to Net Energy Metering (NEM), that will sink ROI on a huge swath of the solar market, and virtually eliminate homeowners' and businesses' ability to save money with solar in California. If left unchecked, these changes will take effect in Q2 2022, which is why we need your help! 

Potential Changes to NEM Include:

  • The highest solar fees in the U.S., charging new, unavoidable fees to solar customers just to have solar on their property
    • Approximately $950/year for residential customers
    • Approximately $1,500 to $50,000 per year for commercial customers
  • Charging non-residential customers huge fees. A typical school, for example, wanting to invest in solar would be charged an unavoidable $950 monthly fee in PG&E territory, $1,100 in Southern California Edison territory, and $3,400 per month in the San Diego area.
  • Reducing the credit consumers receive for their surplus solar electricity sent back to the grid by 77%. This means that when a solar user shares electricity with their neighbor, the utility would charge the neighbor 25 cents while giving the solar user 5.7 cents in bill credits.  
  • In addition to the new fees and cuts, the IOU proposal would also require monthly true ups, preventing consumers from carrying forward their unused credits from month to month. 

The utilities are spending millions of dollars on lobbyists right now to pressure the CPUC using contrived and misleading arguments that paint solar as bad. If they succeed it will literally devastate the California solar market in 2022. Even if the CPUC "compromises" and gives only half of what is being considered, it will kill tens of thousands of solar jobs across California and kill solar growth rates.

How is CALSSA Fighting to Save Solar in California?

  • Ensuring the real facts are presented to the CPUC
  • Initiating a grass roots public awareness campaign
  • Membership drive and fundraising efforts to fund studies, PR efforts, legal filings and much much more.

How You Can Help:

  • Have your company join CALSSA if it isn't already a Member
  • Sign the Petition and share this information with your friends, family, neighbors and coworker
  • Donate anything you can to the fundraising campaign 

TimingThe CPUC hearings start in June, with a decision coming in November that will go into effect in Q2 2022. Timing is urgent.