Sign up for the American Solar Energy Society's 2022 National Solar Tour Posted on Mar 22, 2022

Every year the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) organizes a national solar tour.  This year's tour is happening virtually and in person on October 1-2.  

The ASES National Solar Tour is a collection of Local Solar Tours, in addition to single Solar Sites across the country that feature solar and sustainable technologies. Solar Sites can be homes, businesses, schools, community spaces, or any other locale featuring solar and sustainability features.

Be A Tour, See A Tour

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Organize a Local Solar Tour or a Solar Site in your neighborhood, completely online, or as a hybrid that includes both virtual and in-person components. However you decide to host a Local Solar Tour or Solar Site, you will help the National Solar Tour empower people to learn about solar technology, sustainability, and the process of going solar from their friends, neighbors, and other solar enthusiasts. Note that you can host an event at any point this year and still be featured on the National Solar Tour Website and included on the National Solar Tour map!