New Warranty Requirements In CA Under NEM 2.0 Posted on Dec 28, 2016

All California solar contractors with customers in PG&E territory now must submit interconnection applications under NEM-2 because PG&E has met its cap for offering NEM-1. The key changes in the NEM-2 program include a requirement that a "warranty of at least 10 years must be provided on all equipment and its installation." In order for your customers to be able to attest to having this warranty, solar contractors should provide a 10-year limited warranty with their Installation Sales Agreements. The terms of this warranty should be drafted to meet PG&E's new interconnection requirements and to protect your solar contractor business. 

In light of NEM-2, we just added a 10-Year Limited Solar System Warranty to our portfolio of legal documents available on our site. This limited warranty includes sections designed to protect solar contractors with limits on available remedies, procedures that must be followed to obtain warranty performance, limitations on warranty scope, essential exclusions and dispute resolution.