Featured Weekly Document: Dealer Agreements Posted on Jan 28, 2017

Many companies in the cleantech industry have created products that they want another company to sell for them. In order to set up this relationship, it is advisable to have a Dealer Agreement that defines obligations, expectations, risk and liabilities for the supply and purchase of the products.

Under the Dealer Agreement, the cleantech company supplies the products and the buyer purchases the products for its own business purposes according to the terms agreed upon. A buyer may be any type of merchant looking to make a profit on the resale of the cleantech company's products. The cleantech company should take steps to protect its intellectual property related to the products and the use of its trademarks in connection with the buyer's marketing and sales activities.  Other considerations are ensuring that warranty claims, returns, limits on liability, delivery obligations and product reputation are covered.

We just added a Dealer Agreements to our arsenal of contracts to help our customers set up these important relationships.