Do Contractors Need Both Commercial And Residential Solar Installation Agreements? Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Yes.  The law contains many protections for homeowners (consumers) in contractor home improvement agreements that affect the terms of solar installation agreements, including even simple things such as font type and section titles. Commercial solar installation agreements have a much greater flexibility in how their terms can be structured.  The law does not provide commercial entities with the same degree of protection as homeowners because it views companies as sophisticated entities that can negotiate with each other.  

Every solar contractor should have both a residential and a commercial version of their solar system installation agreement.  If not, you will be missing out on the advantages commercial contracting provides and failing to comply with homeowner protection laws.

Originating in the largest solar market of the U.S., CleanTech Docs offers Commercial Solar System Installation Agreements and Residential Solar System Installation Agreements specific to California law.  For other states in the U.S., we offer generic agreements for the commercial and residential markets.

With the help of a qualified attorney, you can modify any of our legal documents to meet your requirements for solar installations.