Check out: MIT Club of N. CA's Virtual Fireside Chat on Negative Emissions Technologies Posted on Sep 17, 2021

This is another interesting event hosted by the MIT Club of North California.  On Thursday, Oct 7th, they will be discussing negative emissions technologies. We predict this could be a rapidly developing industry, and thus opportunity, in the decade to come.  

Roger Aines, Chief Scientist of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is set to lead the discussion.  A description of virtual event and the registration info is below.

"Recent climate modeling tells us that just eliminating fossil fuel emissions from the major sources will not be enough to meet our climate targets. We will have to actively clean up the atmosphere, both to make up for the emissions we can’t stop in time (fertilizer, airplanes, etc.) and to clean up the mess we are continuing to make. The scale is stunning – 10 billion tons a year by 2050. This amount is twice the weight of all the oil we extract in one year today. Can we develop an industry to remove carbon by 2050 that is twice the size of today’s oil industry? Roger will argue that we can.

Negative emissions technologies are being developed to address this need, and appear to be a major business opportunity. Major approaches include enhancing natural sinks like soil and forests; using biomass to accumulate carbon that is permanently stored; and building machines that remove CO2 by chemical means. In this talk, Roger will discuss the major ways we can remove CO2, and what we have learned about their costs and limitations."